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Pilot International

The mission of Pilot International is:   
to influence positive change in communities throughout the world. 

To do this, we:   
come together in friendship and give people an outlet for service.  

We focus on:   

  • preparing youth and young   adults for service.  

  • encouraging brain safety and  health.   

  • supporting those who care for others.   

About Pilot International

Objectives: To encourage participation in service activities that will improve the quality of life in communities. To develop friendship and increase the opportunity of service. To encourage and promote international peace and cultural relations.

Pilot Clubs are: Non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian, and non-discriminatory

Principles: Friendship and Service

Motto: “True Course Ever”

Colors: Green for life and vigor; gold for sincerity of purpose

Emblem: A riverboat pilot’s wheel with eight spokes

Service focus: Brain-related disorders

Structure: Pilot International is divided into districts. Texas is in the Texas District. This District has a Governor, Governor-Elect, Treasurer, and Secretary who compose the District Administrative Council. The Texas District is divided into eight regions with eagion having its own Lieutenant Governor. Each club is assigned to a region and each club has its own officers.

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