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The Pilot Club of Canyon Lake

“adopted” Oak Tree   Assisted

Living facility                    as a battleground to fight back  against                      Alzheimer’s Disease and to improve the quality                     of  life.  In Spring of 2010 we                       purchased a Wii  game for the  facility, and                       proceeded to work with the residents on a                   regular                  basis. We purchased a second game and                             ran two  games simultaneously,                                 doubling our capacity for resident  gamers, until Oak Tree census declined.

In late 2017 we were asked to adopt a second facility, Brookdale Senior Living.  We moved our second

game there and added another day  each

month for our Pilots to serve.    

Wii is an excellent way for healthy, positive, encouraging women to physically interact with elderly people in varying stages of Alzheimer’s, dementia, arthritic degeneration, stroke rehabilitation, etc. 


We DO make a difference!