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Brainminder Puppets

Gerald Giraffe – Helmet Safety  

Martin Monkey – Playground Safety   

Penny Panda – Seatbelt Safety   

Fiona Fox – Crossing the Street Safety   

Brave Bob Beagle – Gun Safety   

Toolip Pig – Safety in the Kitchen   

Hero Horse – Helmet Safety   

Captain Kitty – Boating Safety   

Danny Deep – Swimming Safety   

Lily Skunk, Charlie Chicken, and Billy Bulldog make a guest appearance to discuss bullying.


BrainMindersTM is Pilot International’s signature         program originally designed in 2001 to teach safety   to children to help prevent brain injuries.  It was made possible through an in-kind grant given to Pilot International Foundation and a gift from the estate of Callye Harrell Neese.  Realizing the need to teach brain injury prevention to people of all ages,  Pilots have expanded the program to include presentations for youth and seniors.  Most Pilot Clubs as well as many Anchor Clubs present BrainMinderTM Programs to persons of all ages.  The BrainMinder Buddies™           puppet show teaches “Play  Safe, Play Smart”  via story and a original song  written by Canyon

Lake Pilot Judy Golden and  led by

“Wise  Old Owl  and his Fuzzy, Funny,

Smart, and Sunny BrainMinder Buddies”:  

After the show, the students are asked to make a pledge to   “Play Safe, Play Smart”.  They are certified as BrainMinder    Buddies™  and are given a 16-page activity book.  This book includes puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities with tips  for playing smart.   

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