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The BrainMinder Buddies™ puppet show teaches  

“Play  Safe, Play Smart” through story and a

                                  song  written by Pilot Judy Golden

and  led by“Wise  Old Owl

and his Fuzzy, Funny, Smart 

and Sunny  BrainMinder Buddies”:  

Gerald Giraffe – Helmet Safety  

Martin Monkey – Playground Safety   

Penny Panda – Seatbelt Safety   

Fiona Fox – Crossing the Street Safety   

Brave Bob Beagle – Gun Safety   

Toolip Pig – Safety in the Kitchen   

Hero Horse – Helmet Safety   

Captain Kitty – Boating Safety   

Danny Deep – Swimming Safety   

After the show, the students are asked to make a pledge to   “Play Safe, Play Smart”.  They are certified as BrainMinder    Buddies™  and are given a 16-page activity book.  This book 

includes puzzles, coloring pages, and other activities with      tips  for playing smart.