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Traumatic Brain Injury Camps

 Texas Pilots have established and supported three camps for  adult  traumatic brain injury survivors in Texas and New  Mexico and have created  the TBI Camp  Foundation  to help support these  camps.   

At TBI camps families and caregivers enjoy a week of  normalcy.  No stares, no explaining, just fun playing  baseball, riding horses, swimming, dancing and most fun of all - riding a  zip line.  Pilot volunteers  contribute their time as counselors at the camps and help with activities. Pilots also provide  scholarships for campers and caregivers as TBI Camp can  cost up to $1,100 per person per  week.  Every dollar we raise  helps us to provide that much-needed respite  and means so  very much to  those with TBI.    

Mountain High Camp was founded by Mike and Charlotte Wilson. The first camp was August of 1994. Camp continued for 26 years until Covid changed the way things were run. The last camp was in 2019. In November of 2020, Mike went on to heaven. We were unable to have camp again in 2021 yet plan to have camp in September of 2022.       

       Pilots from all over Texas, Louisiana, and Illinois, and 67 campers from as far away as Washington    State, including a counselor/ pastor from Ireland attended the 25th Anniversary of this amazing camp.      Volunteers included care-givers, parents, Baylor doctors and nurses, & Baylor/Pate   occupational/physical therapists.  Volunteers were from Faith Mountain Fellowship Church, Nokona, TX    missionaries, and even local Red River folks serve every year!  In total, about 250 attended this      remarkable camp to help celebrate its 25th year of operation!         

  Here are the faces of some of those wonderful people.      

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