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Donation Divas

Donation Divas at Upbring New Life Children's Center in  Canyon Lake was initiated as a  service project by a Pilot  member while she was on the Advocacy Board.  She saw  a  need  for assistance to the girls sent to the center by CPS.  


The girls range in age from 7 to 17 years and have been  mentally and/or physically abused  by family members or others.  They are given a second chance in life.  


They arrive with  only the clothes on their back and are given clothing (mostly  new)  and shoes.  They are also given new bedding, towels, and  personal care  items  from donations given to the New Life Children's Center.  The girls are provided with an  excellent education from Trinity Charter School and special counseling during their  stay.  They learn to work with farm animals, garden, and  most importantly, learn about God.  It's  a second chance to begin again and feel they are loved and worthy of that love.  New Life  is a  Christian based community.    


Donation Divas (Pilot Club members) meet once a month to  sort and arrange items  donated and given to the girls during  their stay. There are other organizations like  Pilots and  churches that provide these items for the girls.     


Pilots are also on the Advocacy Board and have the privilege of hearing the success stories  of the girls leaving the center. Some return to their family, others are adopted, and some go  on to college to pursue their dreams. They leave Upbring New Life confident about their  future and knowing they are loved.   

Pilot Club members are welcome to help sort on the third Monday of every month at 10  a.m.  Please check in at the New Life Children's Center office before joining the group.    

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